Halloweensie Contest Entry

Happy Fall Everyone! I came across this fun writing contest on author Susannah Hill’s website. See rules here. Basically, it asks for you to write a short Halloween story in 100 words or less. It took me exactly 100! You also have to include any variations of the words cauldron, shiver and howl in your story. My entry Surfside Halloween is posted here. Happy reading, and if you’re so inclined…writing! 🙂

Surfside Halloween

On my first Florida Halloween, my mood was foul. When I heard the night’s plans, I let out a howl.

This night was for shivering, costumes and hayrides—not shorts or flip-flops, and definitely not high tides.

Halloween wasn’t about surf and sand—but trick-or-treating, with candy in hand.

This felt more like a trick than a treat; a cauldron of disappointment, despair and defeat.

When the full yellow moon revealed glowing eyes, I jumped back in fright, and yelped in surprise.

A tiny black kitten rocketed ’round the bend. I’d lost old traditions, but gained a new friend.


Beach pumpkins
Photo from website pleasureinsimplethings.com via Pinterest

12 thoughts on “Halloweensie Contest Entry

  1. Maria Marshall

    Friends can always make moves easier! Done Christmas on a beach, but never Halloween. That could be interesting. Fun story. Best of Luck.

  2. I live in Cali, so no white Christmas here, but Halloween nights can be breezy and cool! I love this line: “This felt more like a trick than a treat; a cauldron of disappointment, despair and defeat.”

  3. Nothing like a new friend to make losing the familiar a little easier! And I have to agree, being a northeasterner, that Halloween in Florida would feel pretty strange! Thanks for a well-written entry, Melissa, and for joining in the Halloweensie fun!

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