Where did you get your title?

I’ve had quite a few readers ask me about the title of my novel, This She’ll Defend. The title for this work was inspired by the Motto of the Army, This We’ll Defend. (See photo)

The Army is an organization that exists to provide security for our nation, much as a mother provides security (whether it be emotional, financial, or both) to her family. In my novel, Carmen is devoted to her family and is committed to preserve and protect it.
The title of the novel is meant to convey the connection with the family living as a part of the Army community in Darmstadt. But also to convey the role that Carmen played in the preservation of her family unit.

I’d love feedback on the title! What did you think when you saw it? Did you get the army reference? Lay it on me—the good, bad, and the ugly! 🙂