Black Forest Fun!

I heard from a reader of This She’ll Defend over the weekend who told me that she laughed out loud when the family in the novel were in the Black Forest attempting to choose a cuckoo clock. Well, I have to admit that it is funny now looking back on it. But at the time, it was an exasperating experience. The employee in the shop left for a giant beer, I feel certain! Like many “scenes” in the novel, this one actually happened to our family. My son had just completed the “Red Ribbon Week” activities at school, which is fine. I appreciate the education on drugs, alcohol and other issues taught at school. The problem was that each clock seemed to have people drinking beer, hitting someone with a rolling pin, or some other scene from life that involved “substance use or domestic violence”! Kids can be so literal! 🙂 Anyway, for people who enjoyed the scene from the novel, here is the actual clock that we purchased. By the way, I enjoy my clock to this day!