A picture is worth a thousand words? Yep, I can buy that!

The balcony on the back of the house.
The balcony on the back of the house.

One of my favorite things to hear as an author is, “I could picture the story as I was reading it.” I get chill bumps when I hear someone say that, because that is literally my main goal as a writer of fiction. If my readers don’t come away from This She’ll Defend with a clear image of Carmen and Ed’s life in Germany, then I’ve failed them. 

So just for fun, I thought I’d put up some pictures of the actual places around Darmstadt and Erfelden where the majority of the novel is set. I’d love for people who’ve read the book to comment on the pictures. Is that how you pictured Carmen and Ed’s house? 

One picture depicts the balcony off the living room and master bedroom which was the inspiration for a dramatic moment Carmen shares with Ethan in the novel (no spoilers!). 

Namur, Belgium was a hidden treasure that Carmen’s family discovered on a trip. Can you see why she was so enamored with this lovely place?

Chime, in and let me know what you think. Pictures are wonderful, but hopefully you’d formed your own pictures as you read.