Did that really happen?

I’ve had quite a few readers ask me, “Did that really happen?” while reading my novel. Well, I don’ t want to post too many spoilers, but I’m going to use this blog to address some of those questions.

1) Yes, my family lived in Germany. We lived in a charming village called Erfelden on the old part of the Rhein River. My husband worked on the Army post in Darmstadt.

2) My two children (not twins) did get on the wrong bus one morning going to school. Instead of what happened in the book (no spoilers!) I literally jumped in front of a moving bus and made the driver stop. He looked like he’d rather run me over, but luckily chose not to!

3) My daughter and I did ride a rollercoaster at Disneyland Paris that died due to an apparent power outage. And yes, they were that rude about telling us to get off the ride when we were finally “rescued”.

4) My son’s toy crossbow did shatter the glass front door on our beautiful home. We had to explain to our landlord in German that we were paying to fix it! I won’t say how much it cost! Too painful to recall. 🙂

5) Our van was burglarized in Amsterdam using technology that captured the signal from our “clicker”.

6) We DID NOT struggle with infertility, but have people very close to us that did. And they had beautiful twins to show for it!

7) I did lead a bible study one year for PWOC at the chapel on post. But Carmen’s role in the group was more important than mine ever was. 🙂 I loved the fellowship with the ladies though.

8) Most of the Aaron stories actually happened…to my actual son. 🙂

9) There was no young soldier that “joined” our family. We met a great many amazing soldiers, but there were mostly married men with families who loved them! We were always supporters of the military, but living among military families only increases the level of respect we had!

If there are events that I missed, please feel free to ask!